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Backwashing reverses the water flow direction through your filter which stirs up the media it is like shaking a snow cone releasing the dirt and particles. When searching for a pool filter there are three main types to choose to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean all year round. XStream® cartridge filter and pump systems provide a massive filter body for added capacity of dirt and debris and longer, more efficient filtering cycles. You can even see it slide right off your skin into a rainbow oil slick in the water around you. Save hundreds of litres of water per year compared to backwashing a sand filter on average you are using 750 litres of water per backwash with a sand filter. If you can turn on a pool pump and operate a pool cleaner, you can clean a pool filter. Let’s take a look at 2021’s most popular and best reviewed salt chlorinators for various types of pools. If you have a pool heater, the pool filter will push your water through the heater back into the pool. Contact Us For Advice. You will need to buy a new dedicated solar pool pump, also known as a Direct Current DC pool pump. The size of the suspended particle removal is generally measured in the unit of a micron. The carrier will deliver to your front door if they can use a pallet truck. You’ll want to clean it off like this—well—at the end of the season. Swimming pool cartridge filters usually need to be cleaned after every few weeks of use, depending on the pool size, number of swimmers, and pool chemistry. Sand, glass, and zeolite are the most common filter media or materials used in sand filters. Once the filter has been removed, you should check it for signs of wear that may indicate the cartridge needs replacing. E filters are all suitable for small to medium pools and each come with their pros and cons. Smaller filters may have elements with attachments that hold them in place. Hayward cartridges are designed to meet the high performance standards set by the NSF and are the only replacements that provide maximum hydraulic efficiency, exceptional first pass debris removal and multi season durability for Hayward filters. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. You should be able to enjoy crystal clean water while maintaining bacteria free, safe water in your pool. They are backwashed for years before a complete filter clean is needed. When your pressure gauge shows a reading 8 10 lbs. There are approximately 25 microns in 1/1000 of an inch.

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To magic saunas keep your swimming pool water crystal clear, you will need to choose the correct swimming pool filter and pump combination for your pool so the system operates sufficiently. If you have any queries please contact us. Automatically keep your pool water sanitized for healthy, clear swimming conditions using our floating pool chlorinators that deliver the precise amounts of chlorine needed for safety. The Best Sand for You. The other thing you need to know is that the average silica sand will last 3 5 years depending on pool usage and the foliage around the pool. Sand filters use sand to filter dirt and organisms from your pool water. Your pool won’t just be cleaner; it will look it too. They sell special nozzle attachments designed to get in between the pleats. You only require half as much zeolite as your normal silica sand.

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These plates help separate the cartridges and push water through them. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. For size comparison, a human red blood cell is about 5 microns across. This product is the longest filter cartridge on this list, and it measures over 26 inches. When changing your filter media, we recommend doing a healthy backwash in order to remove the finer sand particles and prevent them from entering the pool. But it’s important to first check the maximum flow rate of your filter. After that, you should be able to remove the filter safely. Here’s what you need to know about each. Next, do everything in reverse For a more detailed description, check out our blog. Hayward W3S180T Pro Series Sand Pool Filter with Top Mount Valve. Why we chose it: It’s affordable, removes contaminants better than most silica filter sand, and won’t add any chemicals to your pool water. The list below narrows the field to some of the top pool filters on the market.

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Keeping your water in motion will prevent buildup in any one area and help keep your water clean. Shop our selection today and enjoy a crystal clear and clean swimming pool. We stock lightweight but sturdy models, with poles long enough to handle the demands of most residential swimming pools. However, all pools need a filter to remove the pollutants that your sanitizer kills. Also, keep in mind your pool water will be cleaner with fewer suspended particles. Otherwise it will need to be cut out and re plumbed. If you use tap water to wash them off, they put fewer chemicals into the environment. But larger, higher quality filters do tend to last longer. The pump pumps water into the filter, the filter removes dirt and debris, and then the clean water returns to the pool through return jets on the pool walls. Over time, the sand tends to harden or solidify. You can also use crushed recycled glass glass media rather than sand. They also answered a couple of common questions about the frequency of this necessary task and when to replace your filter. Super Pro replacement part for you filter. You should clean your pool or spa filter at least once a month, if not more and certainly after heavy usage, to ensure it keeps performing well for as long as possible. Authorized service center location. Always wear safety glasses and be mindful of your surroundings. In ground pool cartridge filters include the Jandy CV filter and the Pentair Clean and Clear. The handle is then turned to “rinse” to settle the media back into place before being returned to the normal daily filter mode setting. Sand Cartridge D E Pool Filter Best Pool Filter Swimming Pool.

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Play sand is also not designed for pool filters. First, determine if your filter needs to be cleaned. After the lid is off, you may need to separate individual cartridges if you have more than one from a manifold assembly. Showering before entering the hot tub helps to remove these products. Check your instruction manual to verify how much sand you will need. In ground pool sand filters include the Pentair Sand Dollar and Triton II sand filters. I went to my pool guy and told him I have a 1700 gallon pool. If the PSI is 8 PSI above the normal operating pressure, you will need to clean your cartridge.

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This article will dive deeper into the best saltwater pool systems available today. If you are using silica sand or Zeolite you may be changing that media 2 3 times over the course of 10 years. A human hair is about 75 microns across depending on the person. To browse our line of Water TechniX Pool Filter Cartridges, click the button below. Here are some types of sand people sometimes try to use as swimming pool filter sand and why it’s a bad idea. So, if you’re the type of person with a very low tolerance for debris and dirt in your pool, it’s a good idea to find a filter with at least a 50 micron precision level. Uses patented Black Diamond™ element to clean your pools water. In ground pool cartridge filters include the Jandy CV filter and the Pentair Clean and Clear. The Optimum Pool Filter Cartridge, like the name suggests, can offer some great cleaning, mostly thanks to its incredibly long length. 120kg of glass media will cost around $240. Please refresh the page and try again. Be careful about the order in which you do this. In The Swim stocks a wide selection of the top pool filters from top brands. To put this into perspective, this equates to around 60 loads of laundry. Hayward Swim Clear Large Capacity Cartridge Pool Filters W3C4030 Easy Cleaning. For this reason, the filter is one of the most critical parts of a hot tub. Hayward Pump and Tank 20 years old. The dust will run into your pool if you do not do a thorough backwash. Get all the latest offers, sales, resources and tips. Diatomaceous Earth pool filters remove particles under 3 microns, which far exceeds the capability of sand 20 40 microns or cartridge 10 20 microns filters. So basically, every time you filter your water, you’re spending money. Usually you’ll spray your cartridge off every 4–6 weeks. In short, backwashing is simply running the water inside the filter in reverse direction. To protect ourselves from harmful UV rays, we often use sunscreen before spending a day outside by the pool. Of the three types of filters, sand filters are the least effective. We’ve asked Alex Woollam, a licensed plumber and the founder and CEO of Waterline Plumbing, why cleaning a pool filter is so important. Though more expensive and requiring more maintenance than other filter types, D. Even if your filter is brand new, correctly sized, and you’ve never had an issue, you can never go wrong with improving the efficiency of your pool filtration. The water then passes through the collector manifold and out of the tank, following filtration by the pump. Why we chose it: It’s affordable, removes contaminants better than most silica filter sand, and won’t add any chemicals to your pool water.

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We’re now going to give you our top choices for pool salt water chlorinators that you can find in Australia today. They can also be cleaned regularly and pores can be unclogged by a filter spray or overnight cleaning solution. These accumulated impurities will cause the water flow to clog and the pressure gauge on the filter system will inform you that a backwash is required. They’re also built to withstand repeated cleaning cycles which makes them last much longer than your generic filters. There are 3 types of filters. We’re sorry we missed you; we look forward to assisting you soon. Super Pro replacement part for you filter. Pool filter cartridges trap dirt as the water is forced through the pleated polyester. Next is the not so fun part of scooping out the sand. These filters are long too, around 8 inches, which allows them to clean water more effectively and keep up with the heavy duty cleaning demands of relatively large pools — or even hot tubs that get a lot of use. Fortunately this is an easy maintenance item for any pool owner to do and generally does not take longer than an hour at most. Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and at lesliespool. If you’re looking to get the best performance of your swimming pool filter, we’ve got a few tips you can use on your cartridge, sand, or D. Here, I will cover the basics of a DE filter, including what they are, how they work, pros and cons, comparisons to other filter types, tips for cleaning, and more. We decided to work with a reputable pool filter cartridge manufacturer to produce brand specific replacement filter cartridges at a fraction of the cost of the branded pool filter cartridges. This dust will run out into your pool after you install the zeolite for the first time if you do not do a thorough backwash first. Karen Barrigan reminds pool owners to always refer to the user manual ‘for the correct way to remove the filter cartridges in your particular model. The DE used in pool filters has been heat treated calcinated to give the silica a crystalline structure that improves its filtering ability. How to Clean Your Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters. Next, bleed the filter tank of air by turning the air relief valve to the open position. The larger particles tend to get stuck at the surface of the sand bed in the filter system, while the other finer particles get stuck towards the bottom of the sand bed, where the sand grains are much more tightly compacted. Factory original replacement part for you filter. We’re going to go through the two most used sand filter media which is sand and glass, the other media types like zeolite/zelbrite and D. Pool filters use a variety of means for filtering water, including sand, paper cartridges, and diatomaceous earth. If the municipality in which you reside permits their installation, this could be the perfect fit for you. These include the cartridge filter, diatomaceous earth D. Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece. If it is time to replace your filter, you’ve come to the right place. Hayward Model W3C500 has an effective filtraion rate of 50 SqFt. Sand filters may be the easiest to operate; cleaning is accomplished by backwashing the filter every 3 6 weeks.

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Most resorts and public pools will post signs asking swimmers to shower before entering the pool. Selecting a properly sized pool filter is the first and most important step to maintaining clean and clear pool water. Fits Pro Grid DE Filters. In addition, it is a good idea to periodically use a filter cleaner solution on the filters. A pool, however, must be maintained appropriately to serve its purpose. Now since our turnover rate is three times the pool volume we can take the 89280 gallons per 24 hours and divide it by three to determine the maximum pool volume that the Hayward S244T can handle. Sand filters trap contaminants in the 20 to 40 micron range, which is where human hair falls. Remove all the grids separately. By using REEMAY filter material, the Water TechniX Pool filter cartridges at the very least match the performance of branded original filter cartridges and oftentimes even exceed the performance of the OEM ones. You may need to change the filter more often if your pool water experiences things like algae growth, frequent storms, or large amounts of dirt. You’ll see the dirt come out at the bottom. Totally hayward partners. Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products. Media filters can utilise a variety of media beds to strain the dirt, debris and other foreign particulates from your pool water. Filter media generally comes in either paper, sand or glass media, this material being what filters the debris. For more advice on pool systems and design, visit the pool section of our Learning Library. So, silica sand will get some algae, but if you have an outbreak it will be necessary to use a clarifier to group the algae cells together in order to get it caught in the filter. Even through you don’t see all that stuff; you’re swimming in water that runs right through it all three times a day. With the help of your multiport valve, you can easily switch valve positions from filter to backwash. Made for your pool sand filter, Splash 20 Grade Silica Filter Sand is exceptional at filtering out debris as small as 20 40 microns.

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So, is there an easy way to clean your cartridge filter of algae. When a large buildup of oils arises in your pool, the filtration material bonds with the oil and forms black gunk rather than filtering properly. This is part of the reason they are mostly used for smaller above ground pools and not larger commercial or residential pools. The water molecules pass through the gaps between the sand grains but solids in the water are held back in the gaps between the grains. Hayward Pro Grid DE Pool Filter W3DE4820. Advantages: reduced water and electricity consumption and a cleaner pool. The backyard pool is an endless source of fun and pleasure during the sunny months. And the critical answer to the commonly asked question, ‘can I use non pool sand in my filter. So you’ve ruled out a sand filter, and the options are endless with cartridge filters, here we will outline the best cartridge pool filters on the market suited for any application. If you want to keep the water clear, open your pool early in the season to avoid the Spring algae blues. Pro Series™ top mount sand filter and pump systems utilize a precision engineered umbrella fold self cleaning lateral system to provide efficient flow and evenly distributed water for long lasting performance. However, the thought of swimming in a pool filled with dirt and floating debris can be a real turnoff. For both new pool and aftermarket installations SwimClear™ single element cartridge filters are the industry’s most efficient and easiest to service single element cartridge filters, providing best in class filtration performance. Good pool filter sand can come in three common types that are designed to effectively trap dirt and debris to keep the pool water clean, including silica, zeolite, and glass sand. If you were forced to cut out your valve you will also need unions so you don’t have to go through that again. Shopping with us is easy. For more expert pool care tips, head to your local Pinch A Penny. There are three types of pool filters, sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth D. The tank is covered by a 2 Year Warranty and 1 Year Warranty on all other parts. The pool Filter Wand is a brush that you connect to you garden hose to increase water pressure. All swimming pool filters belong to one of three categories – sand, cartridge, and Diatomaceous Earth commonly referred to as DE. Pool filter cartridges are one of the most common solutions that people use to help keep their pools clean and free of contaminants. Take advantage of our great prices and browse our selection today. Must have the manifold on top. Combine that with the debris that swimmers track into the pool and you get an idea of how dirty your pool can become. A pool filter is absolutely vital to the function of any swimming pool.

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It’s not very difficult. There are three types of pool filters, sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth D. That’s also one of the reasons why we stocked Astral Chlorinator Front Panel Stickers to take care of this tiny problem. ” Typically, we recommend that your cartridges inside your filter be cleaned every 3 months for longevity of your cartridges, as well as for better pool filtration and water flow. One of the main downsides we see with your standard silica media filter sand is that they’re not compatible with magnesium pools. Unscrew the bolts to remove the tank clamp. Before filtering through your different options, here’s a quick review of filtration basics. Make sure your pool is kept clean and ready to swim in so you can enjoy a quick cool down when the temps start going up. Hayward DEX7220BTC upper filter body with clamp. Spit Fire Robotic Cleaner. Each grain of sand has a coarse texture which helps trap debris and bacteria as the water passes through the filter. Published Apr 27, 2022 4:00 PM. Next, remove the clamp that secures the lid on the tank. There are many different types of filter media, depending on the application. It is impossible to achieve clean and safe water in the pool without mechanical and chemical treatment and filtration. You will probably backwash your DE filter as often as a sand filter. If you manage to get an extra week out of each one of your filter cartridges by cleaning them, your savings on replacement costs can add up pretty quickly.


To filter pool water. Closed Sundays March September. On the other hand, if you have a small, well maintained pool that is used infrequently, you may be able to go longer between cleanings. The media inside will catch all the contaminants while pushing clean water back into the pool. Sand Cartridge D E Pool Filter Best Pool Filter Swimming Pool. Here at 1st Direct Pools, we have an excellent range of above ground pools from the market leading brand, Bestway. For now, let’s stick with media type, and subdivide from there. The larger particles tend to get stuck at the surface of the sand bed in the filter system, while the other finer particles get stuck towards the bottom of the sand bed, where the sand grains are much more tightly compacted. Pentair WFDS Dual Speed Whisperflo Pump. While pool filter cartridges are supposed to be easy to replace, you can help enhance their lifespan significantly through regular cleanings to help get more reuse cycles out of them. E filter and sand filter. You may have the dream fiberglass pool surrounded by lush landscaping, stunning loungers, and a Cali cool cabana, but without the best pool filter, your backyard risks looking a lot less inviting. That alternative is known as a Diatomaceous Earth DE filter, which works on much finer particles and provides greater water clarity, making it safer for swimming. To learn more about keeping your pool pristine, see our guide on how often you should clean a swimming pool. Google Play® is trademark of Google, Inc. The micron size rating on a pool filter tells the pore size of the filter. Apple® is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion. If you experience an issue with your purchase please reach out so we can try to resolve it for you. Then, someday, you put the old cartridge into the trash and it goes into the landfill for 1000 years. Your swimming pool filter is a vital piece of pool equipment that helps keep your pool water clean and clear by removing visible and invisible particles, to help maintain sanitary water conditions. It even skims out finer particles like bacteria, sunscreen, and body oils. If you are ever unsure about you filtration system, or believe that it is not working at its optimum efficiency, give us a call today and we can arrange an on site equipment inspection report.

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In ground pool cartridge filters include the Jandy CV filter and the Pentair Clean and Clear. The best way to maintain a pool is to keep the filter clean and in good condition. And if the area around your pool is dusty, your pool will get a lot of dust and sand buildup, which can put a lot of extra pressure on your filters. Occasionally, you may find that your cartridge filter needs a deeper clean to remove stubborn dirt. An efficient pool pump, a proper filtration system, and cleaning or replacing the filter cartridges regularly are all keys to a clean pool. Pool pumps force water to circulate in your swimming pool, and any debris that exists in your water will be filtered through the pump. It took some trial and error, watching YouTube videos, asking Google, and texting friends with pools to get it right. Easy Set pool packages include an integrated pump and filter unit that is matched to the pool size.


Under a microscope, each particle of sand has jagged edges. This will, in turn, save you money, energy and time. Will cover the cost of return shipping for items we’ve sent by our mistake. These great varieties of pool filters come from popular and trusted brands like Hayward, Jandy, Pentair, and Sta Rite. There are three types of pool filters, sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth D. Hayward C150S single cartridge filter has an effective filtraion rate of 150 SqFt. Even if you keep on top of your cleaning, a filter cartridge won’t last forever. Contact your store for more information. After that, you should be able to remove the filter safely. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used filtration systems. Hot tubs have come a long way from their initial designs, as manufacturers have innovated and perfected the modern hot. Our salt cells provide greater chlorine output over their lifetime and cut annual chlorine costs by up to 50%. Choosing the right pool filter sand can make a big difference in the efficiency and longevity of your filter. Available In Store Only. We’re here to set the record straight. Having a pool provides relief from summer heat without taking a trip to the beach, and hours of fun for family and friends on warm days. All filters work in unison with the pool pump by filtering the water before it goes back into the pool. Described below in section 6. Hayward Filter CX470XRE Filbur Cartridge for Hayward C2000 C2020 Filter Requires 4. Allow one hour for soaking and then hose the cartridge thoroughly before re installing in the filter. With so many different types of pool filters available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming to say the least. Having a clean pool relies heavily on clean filter cartridges.